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Harley Meyer Independent for US Congress

7th Congressional District Arizona 

What do you want to do and where do you want to go?

  • Policy Shift

  • Global Trade Barriers Impede US Economic Growth

       In every country around the world international trade is controlled by some form of monopoly. These institutions make 40% or more net profits, pay low wages, have large market share and sell their products at top dollar in the US market. A major problem with too many monopolies is that they take too much circulating money out of the US economy.
        In other words, they create a situation where money does not change hands enough to buy other goods or services. This creates an unhealthy economy and places downward pressure on earnings, on re-employment of the unemployed and shrinks the middle class.
        This is a structural problem in the global economy and if it doesn’t change; all government economic stimulus packages will be temporary, unemployment will go back up and tax revenues will continue to decline. In other words, the economy will enter a long term trend towards contraction instead of growth and there won’t be enough revenue to pay for Medicare and Social Security entitlements.

  • National Barriers Impede US Economic Growth

  • Unemployment

  • Job Creation